How to display custom error message in laravel ?

Laravel provides a set of rules and associated error messages for form input validation. We can use rules to check validity of the user inputs and display messages in case of invalid input. In order to display custom message, we need to create custom request class where we will define rules and  messages.

We are using following artisan command to create custom request class.

After executing above command, a request class will be created inside App/Http/Requests/ directory.

Now, we have to return true in the authorize function. After that, we need to add rules and custom messages.

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Let’s consider we have following input fields,

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone

Suppose, email should be unique and all fields must be filled in our scenario. So, we need to add following rules and associated error messages to our request class.

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Now, we have to specify the request class in controller function.

And one more thing please do not forget to define location of request class in controller,

In order to display error messages, we need following code in our view.

In this way, we can display custom error message after validation in laravel.



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